Yüksek Parlak Tavan Lambası 12 W 16 W 24 W 220 V PCB Kurulu Modifiye ışık Kaynağı Led Ampul Plaka Ahtapot Tüp Enerji Tasarruflu Lamba Plafon

Renk Yayan: Soğuk Beyaz
vat miktarı: led ceiling lamp 12w led ceiling lamp 16w led ceiling lamp 24w
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Item Specifics

Marka Adı:
öğe Türü:
LED Ampuller
Led Ampul Tipi:
Kabarcık Topu Ampul
LED Chip Sayısı:
24 adet
Ortalama Ömür (saat ):
200 - 239V
baz Tipi:
LED Chip Marka:
oturma odası
aydınlık Flux:
1000-1999 Lümen
Işın Açısı ( ° ):
120 °
LED Chip Modeli:
güç toleransı:
renk Sıcaklığı:
Soğuk Beyaz (5500-7000K)
78mm 102mm 118mm
Power bank watt:
12w 16w 24w
Long Life Expectancy Indoor Lighting:
Fluorescent CFL Lamp
Magnet Board LED Tube:
Foyers, corridors, hallways, bedrooms, offices, work areas lighting
Led Light Circuit Boards:
Aluminum pcb
220V CFL
Led lights for home:
Retrofit Magnet Board
Features 1:
High brightness and no flicker
Features 2:
Easy to install, plug and use
Ceiling/Kitchen Lamp:
Commercial Lighting,Home Lighting

Product Description

armatür Led Tavan Lambası SMD 5730 12 W 16 W 24 W LED Lamba 220 V Kurulu Tavan ışık Yuvarlak Ahtapot Ampul LED Enerji Tasarruflu Lamba
öğe türü: süper parlaklık 5730SMD led ampul işık
İleri voltaj: 220 v
led watt: 12 w 16 w 24 w
led chip sayısı: 24 adet 32 adet 48 adet
akısı: 900lm 1200lm 1800lm
renk sıcaklığı: saf beyaz: 6000-6500 K
lamba gövde malzemesi: alüminyum
uygulamalar: Yemek aydınlatma kullanılan, yatak odası aydınlatma, Kapalı Aydınlatma.


Expert Review

Review by: Mike S.
Actually, I am seriously joyful to have sourced the Yüksek Parlak Tavan Lambası 12 W 16 W 24 W 220 V PCB Kurulu Modifiye ışık Kaynağı Led Ampul Plaka Ahtapot Tüp Enerji Tasarruflu Lamba Plafon. It’s not expecially uncomplicated to grab a suitable item of this type even in a neighbourhood store, so I respect the seller’s efforts of offering us the item of an absolutely fine quality at such a lovely price.

Corporate responsibility is the thing I’m considering in a manufacturing company, and all the purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by the manufacturer’s ethics. So before having the item ordered I carried out some research on the manufacturer and the firm’s code of ethic.Indeed, I was relieved to see that the company workers are performing in a safe production condition and that no human rights are violated during the manufacturing process. Sadly, quite often it is not the case at all, and I personally abominate the notion of supporting a producer that cashes in on the workers in an unfair and wrongful way.

I believe you will also consider it useful to know that the item was produced as the result of ethical sourcing of raw materials, and with the use of environmentally friendly methods as well. To my mind, it is a great reason to make a purchase, especially given that the item induces no allergy or any similar health issues thanks to the excellent quality of the raw stock.

When my order was successfully delivered, I got the chance to see the perfect quality of Yüksek Parlak Tavan Lambası 12 W 16 W 24 W 220 V PCB Kurulu Modifiye ışık Kaynağı Led Ampul Plaka Ahtapot Tüp Enerji Tasarruflu Lamba Plafon with my own eyes. I have put it into service already, and I’m exceptionally happy with the performance, so it’s safe to say the product truly deserves a five-star review.
Overall Rating
Review Summary

An admirable item made from ethically sourced materials with the use of ecologically friendly technologies. It’s truly a catch!

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Customer reviews

J****a E.
Verified buyer

Lamba süper. küçük bir oda 4x4 fazlasıyla yeterli olduğunu. asılı kreş kadar yaktı abajurlar olmadan neredeyse görünmez.

Verified buyer

Işık iyidir, küçük, fiyat pleases

B*******9 B.
Verified buyer

Serin şey! sipariş 2 parça. büyük parlaklık, kompakt. ben sipariş 24 ve yanlış değil oldu. oda için ~ 16-18 sq. m. 2 lamba gerekli olduğunu.

A*****k A.
Verified buyer

Mal para iade ve istenir gelmedi koymak 4, yani 4

Verified buyer

HER ŞEY tamam

V******r S.
Verified buyer

Işıkları iyi vardır. ben tavsiye Herkes satın almak.

S*******o V.
Verified buyer

Belirtilen güç tüketimi W W.

Y***a V.
Verified buyer

Teslimat yaklaşık bir ay. yapacak gibi ekstra bir rapor. ben satıcı tavsiye

K*******n A.
Verified buyer


D****y F.
Verified buyer

Kalitesi iyidir. parlaklık mükemmel. 24 watts aldı. kompakt.

S**********4 S.
Verified buyer

Tüm geldi, her şey çalışır, sipariş memnun

S******v N.
Verified buyer

Sipariş 24 gün için geldi. 24 volt üzerinde 2 parça aldı. her şey çalışır. ilginç lamba tonları паучков icat. ben daha alacak. ben satıcı tavsiye.

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