LED Lamba KOÇANı Çip 5 W 20 W 30 W 50 W 220 V 110 V Girişi Akıllı IC Sürücü Fit DIY Projektör Spotlight Soğuk Beyaz Sıcak Beyaz

Renk Yayan: 1pcs 20W110V 5pcs 5W 1pcs 30W 1pcs 20W 1pcs 50W 1pcs 30W110V 1pcs 50W110V
vat miktarı: Warm White Cold White
List price: US $3.37
Price: US $2.02
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Item Specifics

Marka Adı:
öğe Türü:
LED Ampuller
Led Ampul Tipi:
Spotlight Ampul
LED Chip Modeli:
1W High Power
aydınlık Flux:
2000 Lümen ve Üstü
Ortalama Ömür (saat ):
LED Chip Sayısı:
güç toleransı:
LED Chip Marka:
Işın Açısı ( ° ):
120 °
renk Sıcaklığı:
Soğuk Beyaz (5500-7000K)
baz Tipi:
Square ; Highway ; Outdoor Wall
Fit For:
DIY LED Floodlight
5W 20W 30W 50W
Smart IC;;Easy to DIY

Product Description

COB LED Lamba Çip Boncuk 5 W 20 W 30 W 50 W 220 V Girişi Akıllı IC Sürücü Fit DIY Projektör Spotlight Soğuk Beyaz Sıcak Beyaz

özellik: güç kaynağı gerekmez, 220 V girişi ile Akıllı IC

ürün Açıklaması:

güç: 5 W 20W30W 50 W

voltaj: AC220-240V (220 V 230 V 240 V)

Led Çip Modeli: COB Akıllı IC Çip

renk Rendering Index: Ra80

renk Sıcaklığı: Soğuk Beyaz 6000-6500 K, Sıcak Beyaz 2800-3200 K

işın açısı: 120 derece

ömrü: 10, 000hrs

konut malzeme: Alüminyum

New-COB-Smart-IC-p1-01New-COB-Smart-IC-p1-02New-COB-Smart-IC-p1-03-1New-COB-Smart-IC-p1-03-2New-COB-Smart-IC-p1-04New-COB-Smart-IC-p1-05New-COB-Smart-IC-p1-06New COB Smart IC p3-5W newp1-07p1-08p1-09New-COB-Smart-IC-p1-11p1-20LED-Cooling-Solution-1LED-Cooling-Solution-2wiring

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Expert Review

Review by: Alex E.
In all fairness, I am incredibly gladdened to have found the LED Lamba KOÇANı Çip 5 W 20 W 30 W 50 W 220 V 110 V Girişi Akıllı IC Sürücü Fit DIY Projektör Spotlight Soğuk Beyaz Sıcak Beyaz. It’s not quite easy to get a fitting product of this nature even in an offline store, so I respect the seller’s endeavour of offering us the item of a really superior quality at such a lovely price.

Corporate responsibility is a crucial point I’m considering in a manufacturing company, and my purchasing decisions are mostly influenced by the manufacturer’s reputation. So prior to having the item ordered I took the liberty of looking up the manufacturer and the company’s code of ethic.For sure, I was contented to find out that the company staff is operating in a safe manufacturing environment and that no human rights are violated during the manufacturing process. I regret to say that nowadays it is not happening at all, and I for one reject the notion of sympathizing a producer that cashes in on the employees in an discriminatory and unlawful way.

I presume you will also consider it worthy to learn that the item was made as the result of ethical sourcing of raw materials, and with the use of environmentally friendly methods as well. To my mind, it is a nice reason to place an order, particularly given that the item induces no allergy or any typical health conditions thanks to the excellent quality of the raw stock.

When my order was successfully delivered, I got the chance to enjoy the great quality of LED Lamba KOÇANı Çip 5 W 20 W 30 W 50 W 220 V 110 V Girişi Akıllı IC Sürücü Fit DIY Projektör Spotlight Soğuk Beyaz Sıcak Beyaz with my own eyes. I have tested it already, and I’m exceptionally happy with the performance, so there is no doubt the product actually deserves a positive review.
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A striking product made from ethically sourced stock with the use of ecologically friendly technologies. It’s truly worth buying!

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Işık iyidir ama şiddetle ısıtmalı gerekir iyi soğutucu ve böylece her şey tamam. prodavtsa tavsiye

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Parlak parlayan, ambalaj oldukça zayıf, bent kenarı plaka.

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Alınan sipariş tarihinden itibaren 15 gün sonra.

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Isıtmalı sho pipetleri. nada haroshae ахлаждзение ben onları сажаць цермапасту üzerinde

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Çok hızlı teslimat! büyük satıcı.

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Ben satıcı tavsiye, yararlı bir şey.

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Tüm açıklamasında olarak

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Ben benim sipariş aldık, harika görünüyor

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Büyük ışık! ben tavsiye!

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Ben nasıl onlar memnun shine. 10 takım aldı. tüm iş. parlar çok parlak. çok çok sıcak. fiyat pahalı değil. bakım охладительных elemanları ile bir soru ne kadar onlar sürecek.

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