Çok fonksiyonlu Naylon Ayarlanabilir Taktik tek nokta Bungee Tüfek Silah Airsoft Sapan av silah Kayışı Ordu Yeşil Siyah

renk: Siyah light tan amry yeşil
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bu öğeyi isterseniz, lütfen eklemek " İstek Listesi ", bizim mağaza isterseniz, lütfen eklemek " mağaza Listesi ". çok Teşekkür Ederim!!! ^-^

yeni Naylon Çok fonksiyonlu Ayarlanabilir Taktik tek nokta Bungee Tüfek Silah Airsoft Sapan av silah Kayışı Ordu Yeşil Siyah LZH7


tek nokta sling

yan bırakma toka için adaptörü ve sapan serbest

döner Tetik yapış sağlar sling tüfek gelen hızlı ve kolayca unhooked olmak.

malzeme: Ağır Naylon

uzunluk: Ayarlanabilir 52 "

genişlik: 1.25 "

renk: Ordu Yeşil

paket Içerir:

1 x Tek Nokta Sling (Ordu Yeşil)


Expert Review

Review by: Kate M.
I often order products online and always try to be careful when looking for something expensive. And I hate it when I find something that turns out to be worse than the description said. So I I wanted to submit a review here.

I think that the merch was a fine bargain. For a long time I’ve been hunting for a model of this sort but I couldn’t find anything I liked. I was always hesitating either because of the cost or the eye appeal of the model. When I saw this product, I decided to try it and I don’t regret it.

Initially I didn’t doubt that the merchandise would be of poor quality or would damage during delivery. But it was good to know that it came safely and it fits the description at the web store. In fact at first I didn’t expect anything really but later figured out that I got lucky to buy this product.

For one thing, I’d like to note the marvelous quality of the materials. For this sort of things, the quality is very significant. As for this model, I find that, it is worth the the sum I paid. As compared to other inline stores, this one offered a reasonable price for the quality of the merch.

I’ve been using the merch for several weeks already and up until now everything’s been Ok. I didn’t think I’d be so lucky to get something that good!
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I enjoyed the stuff. Often I don’t really expect to find something good at web shops but this time I happened to acquire something this good and for this cheap.

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A****n S.
Verified buyer

Ürün geldi değil, ancak satıcı iade yaptı. efetuarei durumda ürün para iadesi ulaşır

C*********r B.
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Ürün tam olarak tarif oldu. kalitesi beklediğimden daha aslında çok daha iyi oldu.

I****e A.
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X**i R.
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Oldukça iyi olduğunu

M****s V.
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Sonsuza aldı gelmesi

W**h T.
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Araçlarının bugün iletim kadar kullanılan kötü oldu, Ben yapılan tüm alımları. gecikme gönderme kötü takip

A****o S.
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Hatta 2 aydan fazla sürdü gelmesi HER ŞEY güzel, iyi ambalado.

H****o B.
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Gitti, çok uzun bir süre Nisan Ocak

F****e S.
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Çok iyi, ben tavsiye!

T**y C.
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Bandolier basit ve kullanımı kolay! programa teslimat süresi, büyük satın! ben satıcı tavsiye!

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