Altıgen Sütun Kolye Doğal Kristal turkuaz Akik Ametist Taş Kolye Deri Zincirleri Kadınlar Için Kolye Güzel Takı

metal renk: Black 10 11 12 13 Pink Purple Transparency Turquoise White Orange Red Green
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Item Specifics

Marka Adı:
öğe Türü:
İnce veya Moda:
Şekil \ desen:
Crystal Pillar
Metal Türü:
Kolye Türü:
Model Numarası:
Pendant Size:
Fine Quality Jewelry
13 Different Color
Anniversary, Engagement, Gift,Party,Wedding
100% Brand New
Place of origin:
Bijouterie China
Individual package
Pendant Necklaces
Is customized:

Product Description

altıgen Sütun Kolye Doğal Kristal turkuaz Akik Ametist Taş Kolye Deri Zincirleri Kadınlar Için Kolye Güzel Takı

100% Brand New, yüksek Kalite
stil: Moda Taş Kolye
malzeme: Taş, Rhinestone, çinko Alaşım, Deri Zinciri
boyutu: resmi kontrol edin
aşınma Vesilesiyle: Düğün/Nişan
hediye için: Kız arkadaş/Karı/Anne
Fit: Genç ve Vade kadın hem
bu takı anlaşması ab çevre gereksinimi
benim mağaza hoşgeldiniz, biz fabrika, biz iyi kalite ve fiyat takı, ve benim deposunda alışveriş keyfini, İyi günler

Expert Review

Review by: Stewart C.

I appreciate this product so greatly that I made up my mind to publish my first review ever! I'll recognize that when I found this item when just browsing webstores one day, I had no intention of ordering anything. Upon more thorough exploration, however, I was intrigued by the feature that this vendor cares for ecological matters. This may not sound all that influential unless you happen to hold, or are interested in holding eco-sound articles as far as possible.

I revised all over the web to know if I could solve my issue and saw this product. It’s new for me, but it has plenty of exalted references and I was in need of something like this! So, I took up Altıgen Sütun Kolye Doğal Kristal turkuaz Akik Ametist Taş Kolye Deri Zincirleri Kadınlar Için Kolye Güzel Takı. It came today, and I was delighted by its exclusive quality and even with the packing – a pleasing find these nowadays. The first thing that I did was testing it for the characteristics stated on this online shop. No questions there: everything corresponds to the description.

The quality is so much greater than I've ever put to the test or even hoped. I had certain doubting but I was unjust. This is a quality, well-made article and I recommend it highly. This item is also a little present to myself to make my days a little more welcome...

When I was willing to make a purchase and had to clarify some details – I’m very circumspective when buying from an unknown store – customer service was very friendly and ready to help. They answered all my queries with incredible politeness. If you were acquainted with me, you would catch that it’s not so simple :-)

So here’s the matter of my buyer impressions:

Advantages: Great quality article, fast delivery.

CONS: None that I can recall.

For this worth, I am greatly pleased with Altıgen Sütun Kolye Doğal Kristal turkuaz Akik Ametist Taş Kolye Deri Zincirleri Kadınlar Için Kolye Güzel Takı. I will for certain buy from this website over again.
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I never actually left comments on an item until I tried this one. AMAZING AWESOME. High item , especially for the money. Operates as mentioned. Works better than any of the other products that I have trialed.

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K*******1 K.
Verified buyer

Kristal Ben gerçekten yoktur gibi sadece bir şey-oooocheeeen yavaş teslim sipariş. 3eh ay hakkında bekledi...

V******a S.
Verified buyer

Mallar iyi ve güzel

V***a T.
Verified buyer

Ürün aynı resimde olduğu gibi, renk dışında bu fotoğrafta biraz daha hafif oldu. genel, ürünün kendisi nitel ve satıcı iyiydi :)

X***a K.
Verified buyer

Mal gelmedi para iade edildi.

E**s S.
Verified buyer

Çok beğendim, sikime benziyor onun gibi küçük ve tatlı.

A***a K.
Verified buyer

Ben sipariş bir ikinci kez, ama sipariş gelmedi. satıcı çok kibar, para iade) bu koymak için 5 yıldız

A********a L.
Verified buyer

Ben bunu zevk, ama küçük cips vardır

O***r L.
Verified buyer

Iyi figment

I**r E.
Verified buyer

1.53 $421663 1.53 $421663

D***a Z.
Verified buyer

Teşekkür ederim

R***a M.
Verified buyer

Çok güzel kolye. İpli üzgünüm kısa, ama kolye sadece güzel olduğunu.)

Verified buyer

Teşekkür ederim

Verified buyer

Mükemmel süspansiyon, ben sipariş daha

Verified buyer

Mal prishel iade değil. dengi

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